November 12, 2019 We have begun to exchange (TRIGO 1: 1 Swap) airdropped TRG tokens (ERC-20) to TRG tokens (XLM) in Kobak and Clnet.

We start swapping TRIGO Coins (ERC-20), which received airdrops through Cobak Live and Clnet, with XLM-based TRIGO Coins which will be used in Trigo.
First of all, from November 11th to November 20th, we are applying to Google Forms. Please note that we will only swap to users whose screenshot and EtherScan match.

TRG ERC20 Contract Address
Contract: 0xf6b0D3D826F389bd47710d38389475066b6e89Ba
Symbol: TRG
Decimal Places: 7

Address to send TRG Coin (ERC-20)

Trigo official telegram chat room